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About Wiri Pacific

As the leading exporter of quality kitset homes and timber across the stunning South Pacific, we've had the privilege of providing families like yours with building materials, plans, kitsets and quality timber for over twenty years.

Our experience means our staff understand the specific housing requirements of each island in the Pacific. You can be confident we will deliver, whether you’re in the Cook Islands, American Samoa, Samoa, Tonga, Niue, French Polynesia, Fiji or many of the other beautiful South Pacific Islands.

House and studio plans for the Pacific Islands

We not only specialise in the export of building materials, we can also assist in supplying house plans for studio units, one, two, three and four bedroom houses. Or if you prefer you can supply your own plans and design ideas to us and we’ll provide you with materials to suit your requirements.

A solid foundation

Wiri Pacific is the export division of Wiri Wholesale Timber Ltd. Wiri Timber is a leading independent building products supplier also based in Auckland, New Zealand. Wiri Timber has been in business since 1986 and is a founding member of the Frame & Truss Manufacturers Association NZ. Wiri Timber focuses on the residential housing market and specialises in manufacturing high quality pre-nailed wall frames and roof trusses.

Our journey has been marked by dedication, passion, and a commitment to excellence.

You can trust us to deliver.