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Shipping directly to you, no matter where in the Pacific you are

At Wiri Pacific, we offer practical support for exporting and shipping materials. We organise safe and cost-effective deliveries to either the wharf or a freight forwarder, taking care of all the essential export arrangements to the location you need.

Before any items are sent from our facility, we photograph every export order. This ensures that customers have a clear record of what's being shipped, how it's packaged, and its condition before it departs from our location. It's all about transparency and giving you peace of mind.

On-site Architectural Draughtsman

For a nominal charge, our on-site architectural draughtsman can help tailor our standard plan range to your needs, adapt your existing plans, or bring your dreams and visions to life through custom-designed plans.

The onsite architect can be contacted at:

P: (64 9) 277 7695